Realization and production of Venetian mirrors


Production Venetian Mirrors

The Tosi family does not manufacture products; instead it creates unique pieces, which act as ambassadors of a prestigious idea of luxury across the world. This luxury takes on different forms, conforming to different contemporary design projects, surpassing tradition to be made on request with total customisation according to the shapes and materials chosen by refined architects. An echo and an imprint that the Fratelli Tosi logo expresses in the myth of the classical Narciso, figuratively composed in Caravaggio's work.

Venetian Mirrors Engraving


Thanks to our manual skill, we create all kinds of engravings on commission, giving life to a unique expression on cold glass.

Venetian Mirrors Cutting


The glass cutting is carried out with the utmost expertise using the ancient technique of diamond point and masterfully following the original designs − even the most complex ones.

Venetian Mirrors Silver Plating

Silver Plating

It is in this phase that a simple sheet of transparent glass is magically transformed into a mirror, through ancient formulas and processes of the lenses handed down from generation to generation; this phase ensures a perfectly mirrored surface. With this technique we also create mirrors with an antique look (reproductions of antique mirrors) with characteristic spots that form over time together with colors in different shades, mirror decorations on plates for the furniture sector.

Venetian Mirrors Final Assembly

Final Assembly

The meticulous final assembly makes TOSI products unique masterpieces. For some mirror models, the wooden structure is covered with a layer of silver or gold leaf according to the request. Then, the previously engraved glass pieces are put back on the surface. Finally, the delicate positioning of glass decorations such as leaves, flowers, and other ornaments is carried out carefully and skillfully, adorning the entire surface of the mirror.