Fratelli Tosi

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  • The venetian mirrors

    A succession of reflections in the waters of the lagoon enclosed within a harmonious collection inspired by the most profound Venetian identity.

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  • Antique mirrors

    Knowledge, style and traditional forms that have been enhanced in a balance of contemporary craftsmanship, within an inimitable essence of elegance.

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  • Television mirrors

    The merging of two different ways of looking at the soul and at the world itself, these creations represent a new stage of development that blends the aesthetics of best quality technology panels with Venetian elegance.

    TV mirrors >
  • Applique mirrors

    Light as an endless game of references, intimately linked to inexhaustible mirrored reflections creating a new joyous light that both furnishes and surprises.

    Applique mirrors >
  • Mirrored furniture

    A combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, our mirrored furniture is able to express all the creativity and ingenuity of traditional Venetian craftsmanship with the art of reflecting both environments and people.

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  • French mirrors

    From Venetian wisdom comes a style that is both art and elegance, with the nobility of lines and shapes, in a balance of references and reflections that France has made its own.

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